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All videoconference topics can meet the following Common Core College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards for Reading, as well as for Speaking and Listening.Request specific standards when placing videoconference requests.Request Contemporary Craft Works Grades 4 The transition from colonial rule to national independence was a pivotal time in American history.Students will explore colonial and early federal art that tells the story of growing national ambitions, territorial expansion, and the beginning of industry.Request Young America Grades 4 Part geography and part mythology, the American West retains a powerful allure in popular culture.Explore depictions of the people, lifestyles, and landscapes of the 19th century West to better understand this dynamic period of history.Our food-focused education model will help you take full advantage of the many career options available in the food business.

) Omegle is open to anyone — no registration required — so get started today and start meeting new people!Request America’s Signs & Symbols Grades 3 From beads to bottlecaps, tinfoil to toys, artists have used many nontraditional materials to express themselves and create art.This videoconference covers how artists use everyday materials, vision and imagination, storytelling, and a sense of place.Are you a student looking to connect with other people your age?