Who is dating mila kunis

to their two adorable kids, they're too cute—and very relatable. Recently I've been on a vegetarian kick at the house because I'm trying to cut down on the amount of red meat that my husband consumes.When they're not hitting red carpets or on movie sets, the two live a normal life, which includes lots of cauliflower rice and stiff cocktails. I'm trying to make flavorful, vegetarian meals." Like most men, Kutcher is not a huge fan, but she's just looking out for him.Culkin was married to Rachel Miner from 1998 until 2000, until they divorced in 2002. Kunis, 34, was 18 at the time and they split in 2011 after being together for nearly nine years.

From 2005 until 2010, the actor starred as one of the voices in the popular sketch comedy, Robot Chicken.Culkin is said to have made $4.5m (£3.35m) for taking part in the second film.Following that, he starred in a series of other films the Good Son (1993), Party Monster (2003), Saved (2004) and Sex and Breakfast (2007).That film, of course, stars Macaulay Culkin, who rose to international fame after starring in Home Alone at the age of ten as the cheeky but lovable character, Kevin.

(Can you hear Kevin’s Mum screaming his name right now? He appeared in various stage productions but later focused on a series of television roles.

After being enrolled in acting classes as an after-school activity, she was soon discovered by an agent.