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Reportedly Cheryl told a friend: “Taio is beautiful, caring and so amazing. I'm completely clumsy and dippy around him.” The friend of the ‘Fight For This Love’ singer which is still played around London Rn B clubs continued to reveal more gossip saying: 'Taio has told Cheryl how he feels. There's a lot of sexual tension flying about - it makes going to work really great.’ Hmm we wonder what Taio’s friend and ex husband Ashley Cole thinks about all of this, mind you he has been rather busy himself partying at Playboy and other celebrity night clubs in London.Watch this space for updates as there’s lots more gossip to come from this relationship.And I would almost react by never putting black girls in my video, because I’m that type of person – rebellious. And he's actually doing black girls a favor, from my point of view.I’d be like, ‘If that’s how you’re gonna be, I’m never gonna put black girls in my videos.’Soooo . C'mon, women are usually degraded in these videos, especially when they're used in a bunch.lol White gals who date black guys are either FAT or GOLD DIGGERS, Believe meyou women are do you want to be degraded and objectified in a music video all in the name of "equality".

It's his [email protected] about if a black person genuinely doesnt see any attraction in black women?

Celebrity New Years Eve London parties will be packed with fans eager to do lots of star spotting, there is a strong possibility that the newest couple in town could be dancing the night away as rumors have circulated this week about Cheryl Cole dating Taio Cruz.