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These moments helped make Prince who he was, and his music what it will always be.Here are 12 of Prince's wildest moments, both onstage and off. The first time you hang out one-on-one (and yes, Netflixing counts).Nothing is more exciting than letting out all your pent-up crush energy on a first date.Even if it's just an overnight trip, it beats the family trip you took to the Grand Canyon with your parents a few years ago.12. Any time you really, truly, just have a day to yourselves.Getting a dog and realizing you are successfully raising a living thing together. These don't come often enough, and when they do, it feels like the best day ever.

When you went on a couples vacation that still feels like one of the high points of your relationship. It might not have been so great, but you were there for each other.14.In preparation for the grand finale of , let's look back at the seven moments that made this season so wildly fun. The arrivals provided the unique opportunity for all the contestants to leave a memorable first impression, and some of the women took that as a challenge.WATCH: 'The Bachelor' Season 20 Premiere: The Cutest, Craziest and Most Embarrassing Limo Exits! From Izzy showing up in a onesie, so she could find out if Ben was "the onesie" for her…To Haley and Emily Ferguson blowing Ben's mind by being twins…To Jojo, who is one of the last two remaining women, despite inexplicably showing up in a plastic unicorn head, which had to be one of the most unnerving things for Ben to see when she was stepping out of that limo.2.In July, he announced his engagement to the woman who will become his fifth wife.

On Valentine's Day, he licked the lucky lady's teeth then posted a picture of it on Instagram.

He was a force of nature in purple and paisley, and his life was like a series of grand adventures, experiments, missteps and the occasional (OK, frequent) detour into full-on eccentricity.

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    Jan 4, 2016. But before Ben's first string of potential Ms. Rights fall out of the limo, let's take a stroll down memory lane and revisit the most insane moments in the series' history. Unfortunately for Kasey Kahl, no one broke down Dating 101 for him before he joined Season 6 of “The Bachelorette.” In an attempt to woo.…