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However, there were restrictions in some of those states.

The law center told us that its most recent check, in 2010, showed the District of Columbia as well as six states -- Idaho, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Vermont and Wyoming -- had no law prohibiting the insurers from designating domestic violence as a pre-existing condition.The center said premiums were at least 50 percent higher for women than for men in a number of instances, including health plans for 25-year-olds in Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Virginia and Wyoming; and for 40-year-olds in Alabama, Arizona, Kansas and Kentucky.Although federal anti-discrimination protections enacted prior to the Affordable Care Act generally prohibit employers from charging female employees higher premiums than male employees, businesses with predominantly female workforces are routinely charged more for group coverage, according to the law center.Compared to his earlier years in politics, Obama had moderated his statements in support of single-payer as he tried to appeal to a wider audience, our Politi Fact National colleagues found. Nader’s evidence For his part, Nader -- who won of the vote in the razor-thin 2000 presidential race -- cited through a spokesman portions of three articles to back his claim about the public’s support for the concept.

But none of the articles constitute evidence that most Americans have backed single-payer over the past seven decades.

She said it was legal in some states to regard domestic violence as a pre-existing condition and use it as a basis for denying health insurance coverage.

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