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The Seething Shore will become available as the story in Silithus unfolds. Developers’ notes: All damage changes to class abilities listed above are for low-level balance, and are neutral at level 110. ITEMSUncommon, Rare, and Epic quality items now have the same potential item budget at every item level. Updated Features LEGENDARY ITEMSArcanomancer Vridiel’s hard work has paid off, and he now offers a token that transforms into a random Legion legendary for your specialization, for 1000 Wakening Essences. Weapon melee (white) damage is now the same for uncommon, rare, and epic weapons at all item levels. Activities now award six times as many Wakening Essences as before, and you can also continue to come to Vridiel to upgrade the Legion legendary items you already have for the cost of 300 Wakening Essences. Developers’ notes: This changes the power of lower item level weapons and armor to modern standards; all items above item level 463 have always functioned this way. MYTHIC KEYSTONE DUNGEONSCombat resurrections mechanics in Mythic Keystone dungeons now closely mirror how they function in a raid encounter. TOYSA few toys that cause players other than the caster to take involuntary action (such as the Piccolo of Flaming Fire or Tickle Totem) no longer function on targets outside the instigator’s party or raid group. In this way, character classes are used in specific roles within a group.

One of the big tweaks that fans will notice straight away is that level-scaling for the whole game has been released.

The player selects the new character's race, such as orcs or trolls for the Horde, or humans or dwarves for the Alliance.