He and his crew have to face off against a group of former Triple X agents led by Xiang (Donnie Yen) and Serena Unger (Deepika Padukone), but before long, the plot, such as it is, ventures into “not everything is as it seems” territory. Really, the movie is one big excuse for freshly minted megastar Vin Diesel to have fun with his cool friends, and it shows even (or rather, especially) when things are blowing up.

Pope put brisket on the table from Tom & Bingo’s BBQ in Lubbock.“We look forward to a great game between the Red Raiders and the Boilermakers, but expect a Red Raider victory,” Pope said.“Only rebels and tyrants.” This, of course, comes after he goes skiing through a rainforest. It has some of its influences’ worst impulses, which let it go over the top in almost every way, good sense be damned.But it’s fun and mostly inoffensive, never taking itself too seriously while it rewards its inexplicable fans.If you are the type that likes to watch the action sequences; you might enjoy this.

movie came out, its ex-government superspy protagonist embodied the same kind of dudebro jingoism that helped propel Trump to the White House.

And in the end, the movie rejects the idea that its heroes need to defend the state that sponsored them.

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